Story Starters

How are you getting on with your story?


Thinking of that first line for your story is often the hardest part!

Here are some of the ideas the Jumbles have thought of:

An action starter.

Bertie Banana slid down his water slide straight into ……..

Sally Strawberry was so busy listening to her music that she didn't notice the giant hole in the road and ….

Pedro Pear was practising his boxing when …..

A character starter.

Lizzie Lemon was very forgetful. She forgot birthdays. She forgot where she was going. She even forgot …

Georgie Garlic was always playing tricks on his friends. One day …….

Mushy was a very clumsy mushroom.

A question

Have you ever wondered what …..?

What do you think happens when the lights go out in ……?

Guess what Mushy Mushroom caught in his fishing net ?

What do you think Potty Potato found when he was digging his garden?


One day when Matty Melon was playing table-tennis he saw ……

Yesterday was a particularly bad day for Arthur Apple.

Last night a strange thing happened in the vegetable patch .


See you on Sunday !!