Here are some of my favourite recipes.

I think it’s really important to involve children in the preparation of food as early as possible.

I also think it’s important that they are involved in making REAL food!  By that I mean that they help to make meals rather than CAKES!

It’s important that they understand about nutrition and the current guidelines are that sugar is as bad as saturated fats.

In my opinion that doesn’t mean that we stop eating lovely desserts or cakes but that we keep them as treats. Also,that we are mindful of using processed foods and sauces which usually contain lots of sugar and salt.

Here is a list of the recipes from Jumble House.  There are video instructions for some of the dishes.

Click on the recipe to be taken to the video or post.

Ten minute ice-cream. Fun with all natural ingredients but it still contains sugar so a once-a-week treat! 

A healthy delicious stir-fry recipe

A rich, ragù pasta sauce

Stewed Apricots. Delicious but they do contain sugar so a once a week treat. 

A fun iced banana drink

Homemade Wholemeal bread. Making bread is FUN. Kids love it and it’s also healthier than buying bread.

The most delicious, quick and easy lemon Cheesecake. No eggs. No baking. Kids will love bashing the Digestive Biscuits! 

Swamp Monster Soup. A great vegetable soup. They won’t even know they are eating vegetables !

Country Chicken. A hearty dish with chicken, sausage and olives.

Jumble Mess. A creamy strawberry dessert.