Make an Easter Bunny Jumble

It’s nearly Easter! Have you made your Easter Bunny yet?
There’s still plenty of time because this one only takes a couple of hours to make.
Take a look at the video.

Creative Learning for Young Children

It’s easy, quick, fun and cheap.

Watch the video from Jumble House and see how it’s done!

imageEaster Bunny

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Sunday Circles


It’s Sunday again and time for a new challenge .

Last time we watched raindrops falling into puddles and saw the circles shapes firming one inside the other.

The challenge was to see if we could find other examples of concentric circles and to try to make something using circles.

In the video the Jumbles show what they have made.


How much sugar is in your fruit juice?

A fun but quite tricky investigation for older kids.

You do need to ask an adult before carrying out this investigation.

Do you know how much sugar is in your fruit juice?


Lizzie Witch wants you to find out!

Look at the picture below. Lizzie has a glass which contains two different fruit juices.

The bottom layer is pear juice

On top is fruits of the forest.

They stay separate because they have different densities. Different sugar contents.

We tend to think that fruit juice is really good for us but actually it does contain a lot of sugar. Some juices contain more than others and this investigation will show you which juices have the least sugar.,


Your challenge is to make a drink with four fruit juice layers ! It's more fun if you can also make your drink multi coloured.

The trick is to pour each layer over the back of a teaspoon so it sits on top of the one below without mixing BUT there are a few things you need to remember :

  • The more sugar there is in a juice the denser and heavier it becomes so start with putting the one you think is the heaviest at the bottom. The one that contains the most sugar . It helps to look at the sugar content on the container.
  • If you try to layer two juices which have the same density they will mix together.
  • You do need to use pure fruit juices and not fruit drinks.
  • Don't be wasteful. Try just an inch of the juices to see if it works.
  • Make sure your parents or carers are happy for you to do this investigation.




Lizzie Witch makes a glass of dancing lava

Please remember that it is always advisable for an adult to supervise these activities.

Is it magic or is it clever science and what is that ‘magic’ powder?

Lizzie has a lot of fun and makes a lot of mess as usual whilst presenting some basic scientific concepts and fun investigations you can do at home.

But don’t be content with just copying what Lizzie does!

Science is all about trial and error.

About making mistakes and learning from them.

About changing elements of the experiment to see what happens.

In this experiment you could try changing

  • the kind of oil
  • using sparkling water
  • use sugar in place of salt
  • change the shape and size of the glass

Have fun!