Let’s Make a Picture Frame

The second of the Sunday Challenges on recycling old magazines.

Georgie and Alfie make picture frames from magazine pages.

This activity is suitable for children from three years upwards depending on the amount of adult help. We always advise adult supervision for Sunday Challenges. 

Learn how to make the picture frames by clicking on the link below: 

 Make a Picture Frame with Alfie and Georgie

Be COOL! Stay Sun Safe with the Jumbles 

Holidays are here and its fun having lots of free time and being out of doors. 

But look at these photographs . 

It’s a lovely sunny day but everywhere is very quiet.  There’s no one in the garden.  The playground is deserted. The beach empty . 

Why ? 

Well, that’s because this is Italy where the summers  are very hot and the people who live here know that it’s not sensible or cool to be out in the afternoon sun.   But the UK can also be hot too. 

The sunshine is great and very important because without the sun we wouldn’t be here . In fact there wouldn’t be any life on Earth. It gives us light and keeps us warm. It helps plants grow. It helps our bodies make Vitamin D which is needed to absorb calcium which keeps our bones and teeth strong.

But too much sunshine and being out in very strong sunshine is not good. In fact it’s really silly ! 

Sunlight contains invisible UV or ultraviolet rays. Too much of these and you get SUNBURN which hurts!! 

It also makes you go red and then your skin blisters and peels.  

It’s not a very COOL look is it?  All red and blotchy like a lobster!!

AND it is likely to make you go all wrinkly as you get older or, even worse, lead to skin cancer. 

Just because we can’t see the sun doesn’t mean that it’s not there!  We can still burn on a cloudy day! 

So, how can we stop stay looking and feeling good and still enjoy the summer sun? 
How can we protect ourselves from those damaging UV rays? 

Well, it’s important to use a sunscreen which has a SPF rating of 30 or higher and apply EVERY day before going out in the sun. You will need to reapply it every  couple of hours or even more often is you are sweating a lot or when you are in the water. 

If you have very pale or fair akin or blonde hair then you will burn more quickly so protection is even more important. 

Don’t stay in the sun for too long either. Even half an hour even with protection in the afternoon can be too much if you are fair or you are out in strong sunlight for the first time. 

Wear a hat to protect your head and to shade your face and eyes. 

Don’t forget the water !  

We lose lots of water by swearing in hot weather. If you  don’t drink more water then you will become dehydrated and could be very ill. 

Always carry a bottle of plain water especially if you are going for a walk. 

Don’t forget your eyes need protection from the sun’s rays too so always take your shades and WEAR them! They won’t do much good stuck on top of your head !  

But!  Before you buy a pair check that the label says that they will protect your eyes from UV rays. 

Lastly keep out of the midday and afternoon sun. This doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Just make sure you are in a place where there’s  lots of shade.  If you want to go on the beach then go in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t as strong BUT! You still need protection! 

So. Enjoy the summer! 


                                                                         STAY SAFE IN THE SUN! 

Paper Fun

Magazine pages may appear to be thin and fragile but, when rolled into tubes as show above they become strong and very adaptable. 

Today the Jumble House Sunday Challenge looks at recycling paper by creating objects using these paper tubes. 

This is the first programme in a project entitled ‘Paper Fun’ .   

We advise adult supervision for all Sunday Challenge activities . 

Click on the link below to learn how to roll the tubes and see what the Jumbles are making .

The Sunday Challenge

What is recycling?  

Recycling means that rubbish you throw away is processed and then used to make something new. 

When you throw rubbish into ordinary bins it isn’t recycled. It just gets buried in what we call LANDFILL SITES.

This is why it is important to separate rubbish and throw it into the correct bins. 

Why recycle paper? 

Can you believe that 6 trees are destroyed every year just to keep one family in paper? 

Why? Because a lot of paper is made from trees.  But, paper can be recycled. This means it can be used again and this not only saves trees it also saves energy and water and reduces greenhouse gas. 

Recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees and the energy saved can provide electricity for a house for half a year! 

The Jumbles think that recycling is very important and try very hard to ensure that as little of their rubbish as possible goes into landfill sites.  Of course they can’t use ALL their magazines and newspapers to make interesting things but they do make sure it goes into a special paper bin so it can be recycled . 

Would you like to see how paper is recycled ? Then watch SESAME STREET’s programme at the link below : 



Georgie and Alfie visit Bevagna 

What to you do on a burning hot afternoon in Italy? (34C in The shade) 

Go to the beach?  NO!! 

Play in the garden ?  NO! 

Play in the park ?  NO! 

Georgie and Alfie stay cool and explore the ancient hilltop town of Bevagna.

Bevagna is a small town near to Perugia, Assisi and Spello. 

It reminds Georgie of a rabbit warren because it has so many tiny, narrow streets going off in all directions. 

Alfie is fascinated by the giant ancient walls that encircle the town and adds to his collection of Ape vans! 

Explore the town with them by clicking the link below. 
Georgie and Alfie in Bevagna

Wow! He’s BIG! 

Remember our Little Lizzie Lizard?  (See previous blog post). 

She looks a bit small compared with this one doesn’t she?  But then Lizzie is a typical European lizard and they don’t grow very big. These lizards are found in much hotter places like Africa and Asia. We filmed this one in Singapore. 

It is a Monitor Lizard and they DO grow very big!  (Although a few are very tiny) 

They do, however share some of the same characteristics as Lizzie Lizard. They are cold bloodied, have a scaley body, a partly detachable tail which will regrow and they lay eggs. 

Unlike Lizzie, however, they are carnivorous and eat fish and insects and birds and small mammals. 

Most are completely harmless but the Komodo Dragon (the largest Monitor lizard) has a weak venom (poison). 

They are also very good swimmers!  (Click on the link below). 

There is an old story (a legend) about monitor lizards which says that they are a sign that crocodiles are near by!  

We didn’t see any in Singapore!  This story probably came about because these lizards stand on their hind legs to check if any predators are near. 

Here’s a short clip of a monitor lizard: 



Sunday Challenge. 10th July 

In today’s programme Georgie Jumble shares her story about Monty Mushroom written as part of the series ‘Let’s Make Our Own Story’ which aims at motivating children to write, illustrate and publish short stories. 

Click on the link below to go to today’s Sunday Challenge. 

Link to the Sunday Challenge 

Pressing Flowers

This morning we went for a walk and collected some wild flowers and herbs. The herbs we hung up to dry so we can use them in cooking. We only picked a few flowers. Wild flowers don’t live very long after they have been picked and so we decided to press them. 

This is what we did:  

  • First we cut them stems so they would fit onto a piece of kitchen paper.
  • Then we carefully placed eCh flower onto the paper and covered with a second piece. 
  • Then we put the sheets of flowers inside a thick telephone directory. But any large heavy book will do. 
  • Lastly we piled more books on top. 
  • Now we will leave them to dry for two weeks.