What are clouds? Why is a sunset red? Where does rain come from? Where do puddles go? Why do pine-cones open and close?  Why does a slug leave a silvery trail? How does yeast make bread rise? Where does the rainbow end? 

Children ask so many questions about the world around them and it’s usually the parents who have to find the answers. Explaining is much easier if you can support it with a demonstration and Lizzie Witch is here to help!

Lizzie Witch often forgets her magic spells with very amusing results.

Fortunately science is a little more controllable and the Lizzie Witch programmes are a fun way for young children to  learn  basic science concepts and find out the answers to those endless questions.

The programmes don’t just answer questions. They are designed to encourage children to think scientifically. To predict, to ask questions, to suggest ways of finding out answers to problems. To draw conclusions. We always ask that an adult is present not just from the safety angle but to encourage and share.

Below are just a small selection of the Lizzie Witch programme with links.

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Bouncy Egg Experiment

Change the colour of a flower

Colour explosions and Walking Water

TheMagic Banana and Freezing

Will it float?

Balloon Magic with Lizzie Witch

Catch a Cloud in a Jar

Make a Bouncy Egg

Evaporation. Where does the water go?

Spider-man Eggs

Lava Lamp


Blowing up a balloon using yeast

The science of bread.