Recycling ideas for small plastic bottles.

Not really suitable for young children to make but they will learn a lot from watching and will love the little doll.

Plastic bottles make really good plant holders. Use a skewer to make a small hole in the bottom for drainage.

The doll was an after thought when I was faced with five or six bottle tops! It’s made in the same way with the addition of a polystyrene ball for the head. The tops of bottles also make good funnels and can be used as slow watering devices for the garden if you drill a very tiny hole in the cap.

Let’s Make a Picture Frame

The second of the Sunday Challenges on recycling old magazines.

Georgie and Alfie make picture frames from magazine pages.

This activity is suitable for children from three years upwards depending on the amount of adult help. We always advise adult supervision for Sunday Challenges. 

Learn how to make the picture frames by clicking on the link below: 

 Make a Picture Frame with Alfie and Georgie