Fun exercise for kids

We all know that exercise is important but did you know that it can also turn an irritable or sulky child into a happy one? When you exercise more of a hormone called Seratonim is released into the bloodstream. This hormone is responsible for the ‘high’ we get after a workout. It elevates mood .

So ensuring that children enjoy short bursts of exercise during the day should keep them feeling good and stop them getting crotchety, all depending, of course, that there they are not ill or have some other underlying cause for moodiness.

Exercise doesn’t have to be in a sports hall or even outside although sunlight also increases the production of Seratonim.

Playing balloons, tag or dancing around to music will all increase the ‘feel good’ factor,

So will playing skittles! I keep a few empty water bottles handy. With just a glass of water inside they are perfect for knocking over with a soft ball.