Under Fives. Learning through Play at Jumble House

Yes!  There really IS a ‘Jumble House’ and this new series of programmes for tinies featuring the scatty Lizzie Witch and friends is set in the kitchen of Jumble House.

The JUMBLES are the homemade toys that feature in the learning programme

The familiar and relaxed setting with all the normal clutter of everytday life provides a comfortable atmosphere in which children will feel secure and able to learn.

The programmes are not just entertainment. They are designed to be interactive. To motivate and inspire children to ask questions, to be creative, to WANT to learn.

The resources I use can be found in most homes. Even the stories are often illustrated  using ordinary colouring pencils to encourage children to do make up their own picture stories.

In addition to the video programmes I post lots of extension activities on my website.

The introduction to each programme is the same giving children the opportunity to engage immediately and to count to ten.

Every programme has a different theme, a special colour, number and letter plus art and science activities.

There is also a Story Time and ideas for extension activities.

 Your child will really enjoy these colourful programmes with lots of rhymes, repetition and opportunities to interact and they will love Lizzie Witch who makes learning as magic as ABRACADABRA! 

Programme One. BALLOONS.  You will be surprised at what you can learn from a balloon ….  even a burst one!

Click here for the first programme. BALLOONS

The second programme is all about bubbles.

The number is 4. The letter is Ss. The colour is red.

The story is called: Sally Strawberry learnt a Lesson.
Click on the link below for the programme.


Programme Three is about the Number 5, the letter M and the theme is ‘Mulicolours.’



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