We’ve been in LOCKDOWN here in Italy now for five days. The first day was hell! Now, it’s really not that bad. The important things for us have been to set a routine, to try to see the funny side of life and to keep life busy and varied. I’ve put together some links to art, craft and science activities which can be adapted to suit most age groups. I will try to add to these over the next few days and weeks.

SCRIBBLE COLLAGE. This looks hard but I got my two grandkids (5 years and 2years) to prepare the paper for this collage. They scribbled and I cut then we all eloped to put the picture together. All you need is paper, coloured pencils, felt tips, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. and



Fun with hands

Drawing with glue

Glue painting

Straw blowing

https://youtu.be/wKDq2AT_XuM Straw blowing art
fabric printing
Crayon Melt
I Papier-mâché
Colour volcanoes

For toddlers and under fives.

Jumble House