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JUMBLE FUNis a Fun Free Creative Learning Programme for young children. It consists of weekly blog posts, many of which link to the child-friendly learning videos on our channel.

JUMBLE FUN’s endeavours to motivate and inspire children to be active in mind and body. Our projects and video programmes don’t just have entertainment value. They encourage children to question, to think, to want to learn more.

The ‘Jumble Fun’ Channel on YouTube contains over 200 video programmes covering a range of topics including Learning through Play Programmes for pre-school children , Art and Craft, Nature, Science and cookery programmes. Although designed for preschool children much older children will enjoy the science and art projects.

The Jumble Fun Channel

My second YouTube Channel offers free English lessons for children learning English as a second language. Introduced by the ‘JUMBLES’ toys, the programmes are designed for children between the ages of three and six years old.

English Lessons


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Abstract clock from strips of folded paper. There are paper folding and rolling projects to suit all ages and tastes from simple pencil holders and picture frames to abstract art and clocks. The technique of paper rolling and folding improves coordination and strengthens hand muscles making it a good exercise for young children. With help a four year old will enjoy making simple but attractive and useful pieces. This clock is more of an adult project but you could share the task of making lots of folded paper strips and then the younger members of the family could use some for their own creations while you get on with the clock! I made this clock from torn out pages from some rather dog eared picture books. Pages from any shiny magazine or brochure will work just fine. You could also print out family photos or snaps from a celebration or holiday to make a great ‘memory ‘ clock. The base is a (working) canvas clock which I have fallen out with! The only other requirements are white glue and a pair of scissors. The full video can be found in the Art and Craft playlist on my channel ( click on the link below:

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