There’s still time to make a snowman! – decoration, lamp, little and small.

A good way to channel all that pre-Christmas excitement.

This little fellow took only thirty minutes and no mess! I used cotton wool wadding, a litter bin for the body, A football for the head and some black card for all the other bits!

To attach the cotton wool to the head and body I used a reel of white cotton. It helps to have someone holding the head whilst twining the thread around. The hat can be made from a circle of card with an upturned box or empty cottage cheese container stuck on to (covered in black card or fabric. Stick on buttons and face features with glue or cellotape and use a sock or tinsel for the scarf.

Mt. Snowman Lamp,

All you need is an empty plastic large water bottle, some cotton wool or padding from inside a cushion or pillowslip and black card or felt. I used a LED flashing candle light inside the body.


Mr. Snowman decoration

He can be as big or small as you like. You can also make him into a lamp (see video below). For this rather large one I used an umbrella stand for the body and a football for the head.

You will need a ball fir the head. The stuffing from a pillow for a very large one or some cotton wool wadding for smaller. A litter bun or cylindrical box for the body and black card or felt for eyes etc.



Mr Snowman decoration or lamp.

This one takes time and patience!

You will need a couple of balloons, white glue, thin string and black card or felt or foam.


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