Have you ever thought how confusing colours are to a child? 

We accept the many shades of red, of green, of blue but try to look at it through the eyes of a child and you will be surprised! 

We also generalise when describing colours. We say that the sky is blue. That grass is green. That roses are red. REALLY??? 

Then of course there are the very subtle differences between the colours.  For example when does green become yellow? 

When does yellow become orange? 

Yes, learning about colours is difficult. It takes time and experience.

It also requires good observational skills. 

Often a child’s experience of colour is largely confined to the toys they play with.  Toys are usually made from plastic or wood and display a solid colour but children also need to experience natural colours. Colours in nature  are hardly ever solid and so walks in the country and by the sea offer wonderful opportunities to learn about the subtle differences of colour. They also improve observational skills. 

In this story for young children, ‘Jumble Tuft’ learns that sometimes things are not always as they seem and that we often miss the obvious. 

In Search of Blue

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