This is a quick, creamy and deliciously lemony Cheesecake. 

Preraratin time:  thirty minutes plus two hours in the fridge. 

About six servings. No bake. No eggs.

The ingredients

Mascarpone – One tub of full fat. 

Butter – 4 ozs

Nestle Condensed milk – one tube

Fresh Cream – 250mls –  the whipping type. (I used half the one in the photograph.)

McVitie Digestive Biscuits -about 12

Gelatine – 2 sheets 

Lemons – the juice and grated rind of three big ones. 


It’s best to watch the video but just a few points to observe.

  • I really believe in getting kids involved in the kitchen and they will enjoy helping to put this Cheesecake together. Even the smallest will have fun smashing the biscuits up . Supervised of course!  Then they can help to spoon the mixture in the dishes before licking the spoon of course! 
  • I followed the instructions on my gelatine advising to soak for ten minutes in cold water and then added it to the cheese and cream mixture prior to whisking . But do use as little water as possible. It helps if you break the gelatine into,small pieces. 
  • There’s no need to add sugar because this is present in the condensed milk. 
  • Choose large juicey good quality lemons. It really does make a difference.  

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