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We cut sugar out  this week because we wanted to get rid of our coughs and colds.  BUT after reading this very open, informative and funny blog we will be looking at that sweet monster a little bit closer!  We knew that bad bacteria find sugary foods very yummy but there’s a lot more to it than that! 

There’s some great tasting recipes there too. 

How to tie-dye and paint on fabric .  Making animals from fir-cones

The Activities are designed for families to enjoy together. 

Today its possible for every member of the family to enjoy one of the activities.  Even a toddler can dab a bit of fabric into different colours and teenagers can experiment with using different techniques perhaps as a base for a textile project.

Children should always be supervised but then I believe that it’s so important that your kids see you enjoying participating in the activities and it’s so much more fun than just standing there making sure they don’t hurt themselves!
Try to prompt with open questions rather than saying ‘It will work better if you do this..’.

Your participation motivates and encourages them and they also see that making mistakes is part of the learning process. That you become more determined to get it right next time. Not to sulk and give up!

Today Alfie shows us the models he has made from Fir-cones and Georgie demonstrates how to do tie-dye and silk painting. She has experimented with using food colouring in place of proper fabric dyes and they worked great! Georgie and Maisie have made scarves out of the large pieces of fabric . They used the small silk samples to dress some spoon people. 

Food, colouring stains everything especially fingers and it’s a devil to wash off som gloves and protective clothing are the order of the day!

An iron will be required so obviously adults need to take over here or, with older children it is a good introduction providing they are supervised. You never know maybe the boys will progress to ironing their own shirts!!

The  use of food colouring was effective and so much cheaper . It offers children the opportunity to try out lots of different techniques without spending a bomb!

We rinsed our samples quickly before drying and ironing and the colour stayed well but I don’t think it would be any good for items that needed to be washed properly.

The challenge this week is to find out what happens to fir cones when it rains. Also why? We are going to make a weather station at Jumble House.
Maybe you can do too!

Click on the link below to view the programme: 

                    Today’s Sunday Challenge Programme
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Judi and the Jumbles.

Helping ourselves to get better

The Jumbles are a bit poorly. Coughs, sneezes,sore throats. 

They have seen their GP and are taking the medicine but they are also trying to help themselves.

They believe that eating the right food helps. That a drink of Honey and lemon in hot water soothes a sore throats . 

That sugary foods should be avoided because bad bacteria love sugar and so breed. 

Of course it is very important that everyone seeks advice from their own GP before acting on advice from anywhere else. 

The recipe for Maisie’s Clear Chicken broth is here. It  is also very good with noodles. 

To watch the complete video click on the link below: 

               Click on here to watch the video

Ingredients for soup or noodles in broth. 

Two pieces of chicken on the bone cause Hines make good stock 

One onion chopped fine

I can or peas or equivalent in frozen peas. 

2 carrots ..better grated otherwise chop very fine.

1 clove of garlic.

Maisie also added a courgette but you could add o her greens like cabbage or spinach depending on taste. 


All you do is put everything in a pan with a stock cube and cover with water ..about two inches above the ingredients. 

Bring to the boil then cover and simmer gently for 30 minutes till everything is tender and the chicken is cooked. 

Remove the chicken and take out the ones. Chop into small pieces and put back. 

Taste and season. 

Serve on it’s own or use as a base for noodles. 

‘Five a Day Hill’ Soup

‘Five a Day Hill’ is where Gertie Garlic, Sally Strawberry, Mandy Melon, Pedro Pear and Monty Mushroom live!  They are a healthy gang hence the name!  I wrote this set of stories during a series of workshops presented on the Sunday Challenge programmes. The aim was to motivate children to create and illustrate their own stories. The workshops can be found on the Jumble Fun channel.  

                                  The Jumble Fun Channel
                   Click below to hear their stories narrated

             Five a Day Hill story playlist of narrated stories on YouTube

Now for the recipe! 

Five a Day Soup is also a very healthy soup containing guess what!  Yes. Five vegetables. 

It’s also what I call a ‘stock cupboard’ Soup. You should be able to make it from  things in your cupboard but, if you wish, you can substitute fresh veg for the tinned and make your own chicken stock. It’s very quick too. From start to finish about 30 minutes. 


One large tin of tiny peas 

One large onion and one clove of garlic 

A large tin of carrots or 3/4 fresh ones.

About three quarters of a pint (3 coffee mugs) of stock or a chicken stock cube

One tin/jar of chick peas but if you don’t like these substute a tin of cannelloni beans. 


Chop any fresh ingredients and drain the tinned ones.

Put everything into a pan. Bring to the boil and simmer gently with a lid on for about fifteen minutes. 


Pour into blender and blend till smooth adding about two mugs  of milk or sufficient to give it a creamy soup consistency,

Taste and season. 

Serve sprinkled with parmeasan or a dollop of Creme Fraiche 


The Sunday Challenge programme showing us painting on fabric can be reached by clicking on the link below.

                   Painting on fabric at Jumble House

It may seem strange to use artist’s materials for a child’s project but I did this for several reasons.

  • I use the INKTENSE pencils myself so it made economical sense! 
  • I believe that children should whenever possible use good materials for art because they produce much better results.  This, in turn, motivates them to do more.  No doubt you have all experienced painting on that dreadful sugar paper provided by schools? Need I say more! Using poor quality materials produces poor quality results which can put people off painting for life! 
  • Projects produced with these pencils not only have a WOW factor but will last! 

INKTENSE PENCIL CRAYONS are extremely versatile and are equally effective when applied to paper or fabric. They can be used to create a diverse range of art from vibrant silk painting to detailed illustrations and delicate watercolours. 

They are also very economical and last for ages. The ones we used for this Sunday Challenge were bought about two years ago and have been used for many projects. 

I like these PENCIL CRAYONS because they can produce such different effects depending how they are applied. The colour can be applied to either dry or fabric which has been wet with water or, for a more permanent effect, a fabric medium. More layers of colour can be applied if a vibrant effect is required.  The harder you press, the bolder the colors will be.

I always iron the finished project to set the colours.

An alternative solution if you cant be tempted to have a go yourself, is to use the CRAYOLA FABRIC CRAYONS. These have good tapered ends making them easy to apply and  the colours are good. Layering two primary colours produces a very true secondary colour.