The first three of my  ‘Lizzie Witch‘ books are written and illustrated. 

That was the ‘fun’ bit,  but now comes the hard bit …..publishing!   It may be a long wait so there’s a ‘taster’ from the first book at the end of this post with a few of the photographic illustrations. I have a second edition of this book with watercolour illustrations. I’m also working on the idea of producing ‘Thematic Lesson Packs’ for Schools  based on the Lizzie Witch stories and a monthly magazine.   If anyone would like more information please email me at: 

The Lizzie Witch books are meant for sharing. They are books to read at bedtime and during that cosy ‘Tell me a story’ time that all children love. The smallest child will soon learn to join in with the many repetitions and responses and older children will find the books fun as first readers.  But the LIZZIE WITCH books also encourage creativity and develop a love of learning

Every book contains a link to a video giving simple instructions on how to make one of the characters or objects in the story and further enrichment and learning links can be found on the JUMBLE FUN channel and website. (Click on the links below to check these out).

The link to my Website
The link to my YouTube Channel 

The first story, LIZZIE THE FORGETFUL WITCH introduces us to Lizzie and JUMBLE HOUSE (Yes! There really IS a Jumble House!) and three of her JUMBLE friends, Maisie, Freddie and Georgie.  We follow this loveable witch during a typical chaotic day when good intentions and forgotten magic spells produce hilarious results. With lots of laughs and opportunities to interact it is a perfect book for toddlers and young children and one that adults will be happy to read over and over again! 

​Children love their story book characters to ‘come alive’ and the characters in the LIZZIE WITCH books do just that!  Above is a short clip showing Lizzie in action! 

There are over 100 videos on the  JUMBLE FUN Channel covering a wide range of topics from art and craft to science and nature and healthy eating, recycling and conservation!  Lizzie Witch has her own playlist containing fun but informative videos which not only complement the books perfectly but also deliver basic scientific concepts and information about the world around us in a way which will captivate everyone and motivate children to find out more for themselves. 

The books are set in and around  JUMBLE HOUSE and young readers will enjoy spotting familiar objects that they have seen in the videos or noticing missing ones that I have hidden !

The second and subsequent books have a simple science or nature theme with an art and craft extension at the end of the story.  For example TUFTY THE CATERPILLAR  tells the magical story of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly and has a link to video instructions on how to make a little ‘Tufty’ toy. Written in the same captivating style as LIZZIE THE FORGETFUL WITCH, it introduces children to the amazing world of insects and the wonder of metamorphosis. 

Other titles in the Lizzie Witch series: 



THE JUMBLE-TUFTS (coming soon)

SAMMY SNAIL (coming soon) 

SPINNY SPIDER ( coming soon) 

……….. and now, here is the promised taster from the first book in the series: 


(Copywrite 2016 Judi Brereton. All rights reserved. No part of the text or photographs from this book, ‘LIZZIE THE FORGETFUL WITCH’ may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means without prior permission in writing from Judi Brereton.) 

Lizzie is a very forgetful witch.  She forgets birthdays.  She forgets the time. 

She even forgets her broomstick! 

But, worst of all Lizzie forgets her magic spells and that makes life very difficult for Lizzie and for everyone else. 

Yesterday was a particularly bad day.

Lizzie woke up. Forgot where she was and fell out of bed. 

On the mirror were the words, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’

‘I wonder whose birthday it is,’ said Lizzie.

Lizzie wanted a boiled egg for breakfast.

Could she remember where she kept the eggs? 

No. Of course not! 

‘Never mind,’ said Lizzie ‘I can magic an egg.’ 

Could she remember the spell ?

No. Of course not ! 

…….. and that’s when the fun starts!!!!

The Jumbles are very special ! 

They are characters designed to GROW with their readers. 

Tinies will enjoy playing with the toys and sharing the stories.

Older children will be inspired by my Sunday Challenge programmes to write their own stories and maybe feature JUMBLES they have designed and made themselves. 

THE PROBLEM WITH PEDRO PEAR is one of the stories I wrote to help youngsters write, illustrate and publish their own stories during a SUNDAY CHALLENGE programme.

Please note that: (Copywrite 2016 Judi Brereton. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means without prior permission in writing from Judi Brereton.) 

Click on this link for the narrated story about Pedro Pear

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