Magic? Science? What is Lizzie growing in that jar? 

Is it Magic or is it Science? 

We never know when Lizzie is around but you can guarantee that something will go wrong and that she will make a lot of mess! 

It is also guaranteed that she she will make learning basic scientific concepts very magical for young audiences 

AND that this is one series of children’s programmes that adults won’t mind watching too! 

Lizzie has a glass jar containing a very weird assortment of food. 

Is she going to cook something? 

Will she make them disappear ? 

Will she say a magic spell and change them into a cake or a frog or ……? 

Click on this link to watch the video. Maybe you will find out ! Maybe you won’t ! But if you don’t try you will never know! 

Fun Science With Lizzie Witch. Food preservation.

What’s Georgie doing? 

What’s Georgie doing? 

She is updating her Travel Journal ! 

Georgie likes to keep a journal of the places she has visited.  Its fun to do and great to share with friends. 

Every time Georgie goes away on holiday she starts a new journal.  Her journal is like a diary. It is a record of where she has been, what she has seen, meals, weather, friends ……. just about anything and everything ! 

Sometimes Georgie writes in the journal but many of the pages are filled with pictures and things stuck in. 

During the day Georgie will collect ‘memories’ and then later stick them into her journal. A memory might be an empty sugar packet from a bar they stopped at for a drink. Or a receipt from a train ride or restaurant or entrance to a zoo or pleasure park. Maybe an advertisement from a festival or the business card from a hotel. A sweet wrapper, a postcard, a shell from the beach.  

Georgie is never bored!  On a journey or sightseeing trip she is always looking for something to write about or a ‘memory’ to stick into in her journal. She takes photographs too so she can add these when she gets back home. 

Her journal is very useful if they go to the same place another time because it contains useful information like how long it took to get there and the restaurants they liked or didn’t like and the festivals and weather  and the contact details of friends they made. 

At the moment Georgie is at home but it’s the summer holidays and so she is keeping a journal of what she has done each day.  Yesterday was the last day of her village festa so this morning she is sticking in the little poster to remind her and jotting down what she ate and the people she saw and the funny things that happened. 

Festa dei Barbari

Today was the last day of our annual festa in Castel Rigone. Festa dei Barbari. 

We enjoy all the festivals but this is our favourite. It’s not just because Jumble House is in Castel Rigone. It’s because it is so much FUN especially on the Sunday when the events start at 5’o clock. 

For four days there is a market which winds its way through the quaint little streets and every evening feasting in the piazza with music, jousting and entertainment. There’s lots of great things to buy but also you can have a go at archery and see how weapons were made. 

On the last day (always the first Sunday in August) there is this great costume parade through the village, right past Jumble House!  This is followed by the ‘palio’ or challenge which does change. Then followers the feasting, really weird music, fun jousting and fire-eaters  and lots of other things.  We really enjoy the food and it’s always fun watching the wine being pumped out of these things that look like giant weed killers! 

Why do we have this festival?  Well, a very long time ago the village was attacked by the barbarians (the Ostogoths). The lieutenant  was called Riggo. That is where the name of the  village come from. The festa is a re-enactment of the barbarian invasion and it’s great fun! 

We hope you will enjoy this  video of the procession: Festa dei Barbari. Castel Rigone.

What a Storm! 

Last night we had a thunderstorm. In fact it’s still happening! ! That’s 14 hours of thunder and lightening !  

The lightening was so bright that it lit up the whole sky. 

We were all kept awake at Jumble House but it was fun to watch! 

So, what IS a thunderstorm and why do we have them? 

Well, thunderstorms usually occur in hot, humid weather and for the past week it has been very hot and humid! 

We say it is humid when we feel warm and sticky. This is because the air is heavy with moisture (water vapour). 

Hot air rises and when this hot air is also full of water it builds up into great big peaks of cloud. These clouds have a very big name too!  CUMULONIMBUS.  They are very angry clouds with storms raging inside ! 

The cloud becomes fuller and fuller with water and when it can hold no more it lets it all go and we have very heavy rain. 

Lightening happens because the air rising inside the cloud carries a negative charge of electricity

But the raindrops falling to the bottom of the cloud carry a positive charge. 

When these charges meet inside the cloud there is a violent  battle and sparks of electricity are made. This is the lightening.  The lightening is very very hot. This heat makes the air around get bigger (expand) and then suddenly get smaller agsin (contract). This expansion and contraction makes the b a n g . The thunder. 

A storm is fun to watch but please keep safe! 

  • Don’t shelter under trees…keep low on the ground. 
  • Keep away from anything made of metal like poles and fences.
  • Keep out of  water and that includes puddles! 
  • If you are indoors unplug all computers and electronic equipment and the TV.
  • It’s fun to watch but don’t get too close to the window.

Just look at this video we took during the night! 
A very long storm