Yesterday Geirgie and Alfie went picking figs.
They enjoyed eating the rugs fresh  from the tree but picked so many that they needed to find a way to keep them. To preserve them.

Maisie suggested cooking them in pear juice and Marsala wine.

Thet decided to do this but wanted to make it a bit different. To experiment.

Georgie really likes walnuts so they added a handful and Alfie likes hot spiced  so they added a sprinkle of Peperoncino which is like chilli pepper.

Then into a very big pan went a small wine glass of Marsala wine, an individual small carton of pear juice, a sprinkle of chilli pepper and a small handful of chopped walnuts.

Then the figs were added and everything was simmered for fifteen minutes and left to cool.

Once the Figs  had cooled down they bottled them and put them in the fridge.

The Jumbles are going to eat the figs with Mascapone or ice cream.


For more recipes visit our channel and the Cook with Maisie playlist,

Cook with Maisie

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