The Jumbkes use the lake as their inspiration for making a blue picture . 

Click the link below for the Challenge.

This week’s Sunday Challenge

The weekly SUNDAY CHALLENGE from Jumble House. Colour wash. Inspiration comes from a lake scene. Suitable for all ages even pre school as the project can be adapted and extended. Adult supervision is always recommended. 

The ‘challenge’ this week is for children to adapt the process demonstrated and create something different. The idea behind the Sunday programmes is that ideas are given as a stimulus, we hope that children will not just copy but will experiment using the techniques demonstrated. 

The focus of the Challenges can be art and craft, design, design and technology, story writing or games. Whatever the activity the aim is to develop a child’s creative thinking skill. 


Twitter: @JumblesThe


Resources: paints by GIOTTO

                     paper by FABRIANO (Ruvido/rough grain) purchased at MARINO FA MERCATO. MAGIONE

Music: Royalty Free Music from PREMIUM BEAT.COM

Jumble Clothes and accessories : CLAIRES ACCESSORIES

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