Sunday Challenge. 10th July 

In today’s programme Georgie Jumble shares her story about Monty Mushroom written as part of the series ‘Let’s Make Our Own Story’ which aims at motivating children to write, illustrate and publish short stories. 

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Pressing Flowers

This morning we went for a walk and collected some wild flowers and herbs. The herbs we hung up to dry so we can use them in cooking. We only picked a few flowers. Wild flowers don’t live very long after they have been picked and so we decided to press them. 

This is what we did:  

  • First we cut them stems so they would fit onto a piece of kitchen paper.
  • Then we carefully placed eCh flower onto the paper and covered with a second piece. 
  • Then we put the sheets of flowers inside a thick telephone directory. But any large heavy book will do. 
  • Lastly we piled more books on top. 
  • Now we will leave them to dry for two weeks. 

Think a Creative Thought every Day! 

Last time the question was WHAT. ….. what can Lizzie’s pan be used for. How many uses did you think of? 

Today it’s the turn of another question word ….. HOW?

So get your thinking caps on!  How do you think this object came to be in Jumble House?  Let’s have some really strange or funny stories! 

The Jumbles will share their ideas  later in the week.