Magazine pages may appear to be thin and fragile but, when rolled into tubes as show above they become strong and very adaptable. 

Today the Jumble House Sunday Challenge looks at recycling paper by creating objects using these paper tubes. 

This is the first programme in a project entitled ‘Paper Fun’ .   

We advise adult supervision for all Sunday Challenge activities . 

Click on the link below to learn how to roll the tubes and see what the Jumbles are making .

The Sunday Challenge

What is recycling?  

Recycling means that rubbish you throw away is processed and then used to make something new. 

When you throw rubbish into ordinary bins it isn’t recycled. It just gets buried in what we call LANDFILL SITES.

This is why it is important to separate rubbish and throw it into the correct bins. 

Why recycle paper? 

Can you believe that 6 trees are destroyed every year just to keep one family in paper? 

Why? Because a lot of paper is made from trees.  But, paper can be recycled. This means it can be used again and this not only saves trees it also saves energy and water and reduces greenhouse gas. 

Recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees and the energy saved can provide electricity for a house for half a year! 

The Jumbles think that recycling is very important and try very hard to ensure that as little of their rubbish as possible goes into landfill sites.  Of course they can’t use ALL their magazines and newspapers to make interesting things but they do make sure it goes into a special paper bin so it can be recycled . 

Would you like to see how paper is recycled ? Then watch SESAME STREET’s programme at the link below :


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