Hi everyone!
I really enjoyed my ftrip to Melaka and hope you will enjoy watcing the videos.

We were only there for one night arriving midday on the Sunday and leaving at 3pm on the Monday. Two nights would be less tiring and allow you to also take in the crocodile farm or the butterfly park.

Some tips if you are thinking of visiting…..
I’m glad I walked along the river rather than taking the river cruise because I saw so much more but I think the boat would be lovely in the evening.
I do recommend the night market on Jonker street. It is busy but the food stalls are amazing and it’s much more fun (and a third of the price) than eating in a hotel or proper restaurant. There is a nice little park off the street where you can sit quietly away from the crowds to eat if you prefer.

The air conditioning is FREEZING!  Hotels and restaurants and shopping malls have it on so high you will need a cardigan!  It’s such a shock after the heat outside. For breakfast we chose to eat onside at the Novotel because it was too cold inside. Many people followed us!

Toilets. Yuck!
They are the standup/squat type and not the sit down ones!
Try to avoid public toilets. Keep in mind they won’t have any paper. There is a water hose which means the floor is always wet! Not too bad for men I guess but us females should avoid wearing long skirts or trousers especially on the journey when you will definitely encounter these! AND they smell.
Usually you will be able to find better toilets in a shopping mall or hotel or restaurant but even here you will not usually find paper and the floor will still be wet!

It was not as humid as Singapore but very hot 35c and you do need sun protection or an umbrella as the sun is very strong. Children definitely need hats. In the town it’s usually possible to walk in the shade.

Roads are crazy as is the traffic! Often there is no pavement and even if there is it will probably be uneven and broken!
Always drink and carry bottled water … it’s cheap to buy bottles in the shops and stalls …only about 15p. Don’t risk the tap water.

The currency in Malaysia is Ringits and for us the exchange rate was about 6 Ringits to the sterling pound.
Food is very cheap as are clothes on the markets.
Open cafes were advertising set lunch menus for 8.5 Malaysian Ringits which is about £1.30 and a cafe on the corner near the Novotel had a buffet for 10 and it looked good!

In the small convenience stores. A can of Coke was about 25p

Savoury and sweet buns are delicious and cheap. We bought freshly baked little red bean cakes and lotus cakes for 1 Ringit each (about 20p)
Banana fritters were five for about 30p and a fresh coconut drink was about 80p.

Getting there
Coaches take about three to four hours.
We paid online £15 each for a coach (the ‘Luxury Coach’ company) which went from Concorde Hotel and shopping mall, Singapore to our hotel. It was very good, had seat belts (many don’t!) clean and comfortable. Do make sure you check, double check and triple check EXACTLY where the coach is leaving from!!! It’s not organised like the National Express.
Be prepared for hopping on and off at the borders. You do it twice! Once for customs to leave Singapore and then again to enter Malaysia. Quite an experience! A very good idea to memorise number, colour etc of your coach and keep close to fellow passengers as it is crazy busy and when you get through your coach will be in a different location !

Coming back we took a 25 minute ride in a taxi for 24 ringits (£4) from the centre to the bus Station and then a coach to Bugis Queen street near the MRT . It was an ok coach (707 company) but  without seat belts cost only  about £4.50 each !

Now enjoy the video!



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